The Doiron Type 1 is the cutter of choice for laying out master lines and giving you a straight, sharp line along the barrel channel. With its long 5/8 inch cutter and large two inch radius it outshines all others for the perfect start to an excellent checkering job.


Available with your choice of a 3/32 or 3/16 inch cutters, the type two cutters are shorter and are perfect for getting you into, and out of tight spots, leaving only sharp even diamonds as an end product.  They help eliminate nasty overruns in those hard to reach corners.  The 3/16 cutter is also used by many as their cutter of choice for bringing to diamonds to point.  


The Type three comes with a choice of either a 3/32nd or 3/16th cutter attached.  The handle has a 90 degree bend giving it an advantage over all other cutters in reaching spots on the checkering where the stock is in the way.  The Type 3 gives you unparalleled access to hard to reach spots like to the top of the wrist on over-the-wrist checkering where contact with the nose of comb can make assess difficult, or the bottom of the pattern, where contact with the toe line creates an obstacle challenging to work around.


The Doiron Type 4 is our most common cutter for deepening the diamonds and bringing them to point.  Its 3/8th inch length is the optimal size for keeping straight lines and creating crisp diamonds over a majority of the pattern.  It has a 20 degree angle ground on the front and rear of the cutter giving you a clear view, helping eliminate overruns.  One push and one pull makes any checkering kit complete.


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