This course will prepare you to master the art/craft of gunstock checkering, starting with the basics, such as lighting, cradle design, selecting proper tools, and all the other steps that lay the groundwork for a successful outcome before you ever pick up a tool.

All aspects of checkering are covered, beginning with the designs and layout of checkering patterns, both point patterns and Fleur-de-Lis. The author shares his 38 years of experience, illustration each step of the checkering process with over 230 full color photos. This book guides the student through each step in proper order of completion, thereby avoiding the confusion that has always been a part of the mystique of checkering. Everything is covered, including a section on the fundamentals of power tool checkering.

In addition, there is a section which deals with the various types of Walnut used in the making of gunstocks, dealing with the relative qualities of each as to the suitability for checkering, such as hardness, pore size, and grain structure.

There is also a section labeled, “Random Thoughts and Miscellaneous Tip and Techniques”, which contains some of the most valuable information in the course. These are lessons learned by the author over the span of a career. Covered are repair mistakes, such as bad lines or broken diamonds, techniques for keeping lines straight, working with problem wood, proper tool selection for different types of wood, proper diamond proportions, and the list goes on.

The information contained in these seventeen chapters will teach you everything you need to know to successfully checker gunstocks. Enjoy.




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